Our Philosophy

  1. Transparency

    Ultimate transparency is our first motive. Our Clients and our vendors get benefited with ultimate transparency in our work.

  2. Client First

    Our goal is to achieve your objectives, we place the client’s priority first and put the client’s interest on top of all, our commitment here goes beyond time and distance.

  3. Sound Planning

    All our proposals are based on a carefully discussed and agreed development of the marketing strategy - with clearly stated and realistic objectives.

  4. Sensible Research

    Without spending huge sums on overelaborate research we always find some means of gauging attitude or awareness before we start and then later check the changes achieved by our campaigns.

  5. Careful Media Buying

    Not only our data banks and experience enable us to recommend the right media for our clients, but also by painstaking negotiation we achieve the best possible rates for our clients.

  6. Sensible Budgeting

    We recommend budgets that make sound business sense, quote for all aspects of our work and stick to the quotation.

  7. Quality Control and Accuracy

    Attention to every minute detail is a fundamental requirement for all good advertising and event. At every stage there is quality check for our work, which enables us to avoid mistakes and errors.

  8. Open to Audit

    We are totally open about our margins, media, production and supply. Our invoices are open to inspection, as are time records and all other information, so that our own net income can be clearly identified.